December 12, 2017

Progress on recovery at Kingwood High School continues, and things are looking great! Brick veneer is complete. Wood tile floors are being installed in the commons, and carpet is going in classrooms in the 2000 area. The science wing has new flooring and new cabinets are being installed. Work continues in the fine arts wing, athletics area, and CTE hallway. The goal is for students to be back in the academic wing on March 19. The next KHS recovery update will be emailed on January 9 to Kingwood and Summer Creek parents.

  • Brick veneer installation is completed in the main corridor.

  • Insulation, fireproofing, and drywall is 99 percent complete throughout the entire campus.

  • Painting is complete through 90 percent of the entire building, including the girls field house.

  • Ceramic tile is complete in the 2000 area restrooms, kitchen, and cafeteria.

  • Tile on floors and walls of kitchen is complete.

  • Carpet is 50% complete in the 2000 wing classrooms.

  • Restoration continues in the fine arts wing, athletics area, and CTE hallway.

  • Painting is complete in the natatorium, practice gym, and the competition gym.

  • IT data cabling and systems are being restored and brought back online.

  • All sewer lines and sanitary sewers are being jetted and hydro vacuumed to remove flood sediment.

  • New plumbing fixtures such as drinking fountains, lavatories, and water closets are being installed.

Photos are included below. Captions are provided under the "i" in the upper left corner of each photo.