October 31, 2017

Humble ISD is committed to keeping you informed on the recovery progress at Kingwood High School. The encouraging sight this week is the KHS cafeteria kitchens as they are cleaned and cleared to be ready for reconstruction work. Some of the classrooms in the 2000 area are being painted! The next KHS recovery status report will be Tuesday, November 7, and will be emailed to Kingwood and Summer Creek parents. These reports will continue throughout the campus restoration process.

  • Hundreds of student desks have been stored under the school awnings, waiting for inspection from salvage experts. It was determined that the desks could not be adequately sterilized, so they were removed.
  • The Hurrican Harvey Task Force from Texas Health and Human Services Commission toured Kingwood High School and visited with KHS administrators and counselors on Oct. 24. This task force is preparing a report for the Texas Governor on the impact to communities after Harvey. The scope of their report is not just Humble ISD, but the whole region.

  • Thinset, the adhesive mortar under the tile floor, has been sanded from the Commons, and the concrete is being scrubbed and sanitized. This was done because tests indicated that the floor tiles were holding contamination.
  • Ceilings and light fixtures are being cleaned of thinset dust from floor sanding.

  • A lot of work is being done in the kitchen! Floor tiles, tile walls, and insulation have been removed. The freezer was completely gutted, and the concrete floor and pad underneath is being removed and will be replaced. Stainless steel kitchen equipment is being cleaned and sterilized. The equipment will be carefully tested to assure all is completely sterilized.

  • Work continues in the 2000 area. Sheet rock, wiring, fire retardant and insulation is done in many rooms. Painting of classrooms has begun!

  • The technology hub has sheet rock and fresh wiring and is waiting for paint.

  • Wall tile and floor tile continues to be removed in locker rooms and restrooms.

  • Sporting fields and practice facilities are being cleaned.

Photos taken on October 27 are included below. Captions are provided under the "i" in the upper left corner of each photo.