October 10, 2017

KHS Recovery Process Timeline  

The past six weeks have been unlike any other in our community as we recover from unprecedented flooding. Summer Creek and Kingwood High School students, staff, and families have responded to this disaster in a student-centered manner that is attracting positive recognition from throughout Texas and beyond. You are a national model for caring and collaboration!

While everyone has made the best of sharing, our goal is to return to normal operations as soon as possible. The district is continuously working to rebuild Kingwood High School. We will be issuing progress reports to Kingwood and Summer Creek parents every month on the status of Kingwood High School.

Here is the October Update: 

  • This week, district officials believe tests being conducted by an environmental services company will indicate that KHS is ready to be rebuilt inside. The tests check for whether the building has been properly dried out, sanitized, and the air-quality stabilized. Humble ISD works with experts to ensure that EPA guidelines are followed to prevent potential problems in the future.
  • Once tests indicate that work may proceed, the district will move forward with dry wall installation, new flooring, ceiling tile replacement, paint and more.
  • Additional work includes the replacement of air conditioning, cafeteria appliances, plumbing and electrical systems -- all destroyed by flood waters.
  • Restoration of Kingwood High School could require the entire school year. Certainly, it is the district’s intent to move students back to the campus as soon as it is safe to do so.
  • At this time, there is no plan to extensively redesign the Kingwood High School campus.
  • It is Humble ISD’s expectation that recovery costs will be covered by insurance, FEMA, and the State of Texas. In addition, the generosity of organizations and individuals, both local and throughout the nation, are contributing to the replacement of school-related items.  

You may view the above graphic to take a look back at major steps that have occurred in the recovery process and see a photo gallery of scenes inside Kingwood High School as recovery takes place (images current as of Oct. 5, 2017).

We are grateful to everyone involved in the restoration of Kingwood High School and to our faculty, students, and families for your continued cooperation and collaboration.