October 24, 2017

Humble ISD is committed to keeping you informed on the recovery progress at Kingwood High School. The encouraging sight this week at KHS are the stacks of sheetrock in all hallways. Classrooms in the 2000 area are beginning to look whole again! We will be issuing a progress report every Tuesday by noon to Kingwood and Summer Creek parents on the status of Kingwood High School while the campus restoration continues.

  • The KHS Mustang inside the entrance to the Commons has been carefully cleaned and sanitized and sealed against further contamination. Rub The Hoof will return!
  • Tests indicated that the floor tiles were holding contamination. Therefore, tile is being removed from the Commons, hallways, entrances and other areas. Removal of thinset is also underway.

  • Air cleaning machines are spaced approximately every 30 feet throughout the building.
  • Mechanical rooms have been meticulously cleaned and electric wiring has been checked and replaced.

  • As each room passes tests for moisture and contaminates, it is sealed with plastic sheeting against re-contamination. Then electrical wiring is being replaced and flame retardant is sprayed into the walls. Next, insulation gets installed.

  • Sheetrock is going up! Stacks of sheetrock crowd the hallways, and following the steps mentioned above, sheetrock is going up in hallways and classrooms in the 2000 area.

  • Twelve restrooms in the 2000 area have been meticulously cleaned and await testing.

  • Natatorium pool water is clear! However, much remains to be done. Tile is not yet sanitized and tested. Equipment around the pool may need to be replaced. Rolling metal doors must be replaced. Bleachers must be tested.

  • On Saturday, October 21, items that had been saved from the second floor and stored in trucks were unloaded and staged under an awning at the back of the building that stretches the length of the CATE hallway. KHS Staff were able to retrieve items saved from their classrooms. "It was good to be home for a few hours," teacher David Knight said.

Photos taken on October 20 are included below. Captions are provided under the "i" in the upper left corner of each photo.