FAQs: After Hurricane Harvey

Q: After Hurricane Harvey, where does my child attend school?

The school where you were registered before the storm is expecting and prepared for your child. Students are encouraged to attend the school where they were scheduled to attend if school had started on August 28, 2017.

Q.  My student was on an approved transfer to a campus outside my neighborhood school attendance zone. Is this transfer still valid?
Yes.  All previously approved transfers are being honored. Students on transfers should attend the campus where they received an approved transfer.

Q. I want to transfer to a different campus. Can I submit a transfer request?
The district’s general transfer process is suspended until after Humble ISD is able to determine where there is overcrowding and where there is possible capacity. After September 15, 2017, the district will have a better idea of how many students are returning to each school and can begin processing transfer requests. Until that time, students should plan on attending the campus where they were scheduled to attend if school had started on August 28. Transfer requests may be submitted at anytime but will not be reviewed until after September 15.

Q. I received a transfer but have changed my mind and now want to go to the school that serves my neighborhood. Can I?
No, students should begin school at the campus where they had received an approved transfer. General transfers will not be evaluated until after September 15, 2017.  If displaced from your residence, please see below for additional information.

Q. I am enrolled in Humble ISD, but was displaced and now live in a different part of the district? Where do I go to school?
Students who have been displaced to a new address are encouraged to attend the school where they would have attended prior to Hurricane Harvey. Bus transportation will be provided. However, it may take a few weeks to coordinate.

As another option, they may attend the campus that serves the address where they temporarily reside.  Bus service already is in place if the residence is two or more miles away from the campus. Families should complete the Annual Update or fill out a paper Student Residency Questionnaire (available at the campus), notify the Registrar at the school they plan to attend of their current residency, making sure they acknowledge that they are displaced or homeless.

Q. I was not enrolled in Humble ISD prior to Hurricane Harvey, but am now living with another family inside Humble ISD. What do I do?
We encourage you to contact the school district you attended last year and they will be able to keep your student enrolled as the school of origin. For additional information, please contact Matt Smith, Homeless Liaison, at 281-641-8408, or Matthew.Smith@humbleisd.net.

Q. Is the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program at Humble High School accepting applications?
Yes. The IB Diploma Program is a two-year program that starts in the 11th grade, and IB exams are taken at the end of the senior year.  All Humble ISD 11th grade students interested in the IB Diploma Program at HHS will need to complete a school transfer application as well as the IB application.  Questions may be addressed to Christopher Stanley, IB Coordinator, at 281-641-6541 or Christopher.Stanley@humbleisd.net.

Q. Will free breakfast and lunch be provided to all students?
Yes, Humble ISD will be able to provide free breakfast and lunch to all students through September 30. Families are not required to fill out a free and reduced price meal application for their students to receive free meals this month.  The free meals apply to the traditional breakfast and lunch menu, and not a la carte items. The district worked with The Texas Department of Agriculture to obtain a flexibility waiver so that free meals could be provided to all students.  To receive free/reduced meals after September 30, a family must submit an application and meet program qualifications.