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Students are NOT permitted to pass out party invitations at school.


Birthday Food

A frozen treat can be purchased through the cafeteria manager.  Parents must make a separate payment for frozen treats.  It is recommended such parties be scheduled after the end of the class lunch period so that the celebrations will not replace a nutritious lunch.  If parents wish to bring birthday cupcakes to school, they may do so.  We would prefer they purchase ice cream.  However, it is permissible for parents to purchase store bought treats for each student in the class.  Parents may drop off the treats at the front office so that the birthdays may be celebrated the final 20 minutes of the school day.  For students who have allergies teachers will coordinate with the parents of the students who have the allergies regarding an alternative treat.  


The following guidelines MUST be followed:

  • Provide enough treats for every student in the classroom
  • Treats may be edible or consider items such as stickers, pencils, and mini games
  • Treats must be individually wrapped
  • Treats must be store bought.
  • If the treat is edible, parents must notify the teacher that they will be sending in a treat two school days in advance so that the teacher has time to contact the parents of those with food allergies arranging for an alternative treat.  The 48 hour notice is not required for ice cream from the school.

Students are NOT permitted to pass out party invitations at school.