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A Grand Event at Hidden Hollow Elementary

Hidden Hollow Elementary hosted The Grand Event, a two-day event for grandparents on April 5 and 6.  The Grand Event provides a way for grandparents of Hidden Hollow students to spend special time with their grandchildren at school. Grandparents were invited to browse the school book fair with their grandchild and to have lunch with them.
"It's a pleasure to be with Taylor and to see her school," said Eloise Byers, who is pictured above.  In the photo below, Dee Ann Reppond came to visit her grandson, first grader Nathan Lowery, and also brought with her a younger grandson, Westin Russell.
"We are happy to invite grandparents to our campus, and our children look forward to this so much. The event is for grandparents of all our students, and spans two days to provide more flexibility," said Hidden Hollow Principal Janice Wiederhold.
To see more photos taken during first grade lunch on April 5, check the photo gallery below: