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Digital Learning Day Winners

Digital Learning Day has come and gone! We had a fantastic showing for Humble ISD. Thanks very much to all those who participated. There were tweets from 14 campuses and over 50 tweeters, at least. Thank you,  AMS, BBE, CMS, ESE, HHE, KMS, LSE, PFE, RPE, SFE, SWE, TE, WHE, and WPE! Digital Learning tried to identify all of the tweets but some of them didn't have enough identifying information. If your tweet was missed, many apologies...but thank you very much for participating.
The best part about our Digital Learning Day tweets is that we were able to see so many of the terrific technology integration projects and activities that are happening in Humble ISD. Take a few minutes to check the hashtag #HumbleDL to see all of the great things that were happening on February 17. Here's how to follow a hashtag (#):
  •  Go to
  • Type #HumbleDL or #DLDay in the Search Bar at the upper right of the window
With SO many wonderful tweets, it was certainly hard to pick the winners.

The winner for grades K-2 is Cheryl Kennedy @MaynardReads from Bear Branch Elementary!
DLDay K-2 Winner
The winner for grades 3-5 is Linda Meskill @LindaMeskill from Shadow Forest Elementary!
 DLDay 3-5 Winner
The winner for secondary is Amy Johansen @kmshealthMrsjo from Kingwood Middle School!
DLDay Secondary Winner  
Our winners will receive a classroom subscription to a digital magazine of their choice.