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BLEED BLUE coming Nov. 5 at KHS

Bleed_Blue_Poster-web.png What would YOU have given to see your high school
principal suddenly become a student at your school?
Kingwood High School students are used to seeing Principal Ted Landry spending 24 hours on the roof of the school via live feed during the school's annual event to raise money for the Annual Fund.
This year they will see, and participate in, something different!

For 24 hours on Nov. 5, Landry will BLEED BLUE. He will function as a Kingwood High School student by participating in a wide variety of activities and sports in which the student body is actively involved.

The event will be conducted like a telethon out of the Commons at KHS, with adult volunteer "anchors" who will interview students and show live feed and tape delayed video of Landry as he experiences student activities.
The day will begin at the Ag Barns where Landry will be an FFA student, working with the animals at the barn. Then, throughout the day, he will experience classes and activities such as auto mechanics, cosmetology, cross country, KHS Military Marching Band, and much more. The cosmetology students can't wait to dye Landry's hair blue to go with the "Bleed Blue" theme. The day will end during the KHS football game, where Landry will continue to participate in game activities of students.
The BLEED BLUE experience will be available via live feed from Texan Live.
“It will be an exciting, busy day for him since he will be doing everything that our students do during a day of school,” Kingwood High Assistant Principal Nancy Cozad said.

“This will be the third year we raise money for our school through the annual fund,” Landry said. “Instead of having so many different fundraisers, we thought switching to raising money through the annual fund would be much more beneficial for everyone and easier. To determine where we should spend the monies raised, we conduct a survey to see where our needs are and how we can meet them. All of the money raised, 100 percent, goes back to the school.”

 The goal of the Bleed Blue event is $30,000 to add to the school's Annual Fund.
"Our community is blessed to be rich with givers. . . givers of both time and resources for children. The successful annual fund campaigns at many Humble ISD schools are great examples of this community strongly demonstrating their support of our students," said Superintendent Dr. Guy Sconzo.
In utilizing an annual fund model, schools fundraise with philanthropy at the center of parent, grandparent, and community giving. The school’s annual fund committees and campus leadership work in collaboration with the Humble ISD Education Foundation to manage these campaigns so that donors are treated with respect and receive appropriate acknowledgement and recognition.

If your child’s school does not currently have an annual fund, talk with your school's principal or to Jerri Monbaron, Executive Director of the Humble ISD Education Foundation, to discuss how this successful fundraising model can get started at your school too.