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Local TV reporter talks to HMS journalism students

KPRC HaleyHernandez-HMS
KPRC news reporter Haley Hernandez recently spoke to students in Jaime Youngblood’s journalism class at Humble Middle School. Hernandez spoke to students about her career and gave tips to the inspiring journalists. Hernandez told students they are setting the pace now for their journalism careers. She also noted that students have a competitive advantage living in Houston, one of the top ten media markets to work in. One key to being a good journalist, she said, was the ability to be an engaging writer and speaker. While she noted that social media was a great platform for students to practice these skill, she also cautioned users to be mindful of what they share.
KPRC HaleyHernandez-HMS2
After her presentation, Hernandez gave thorough answers for questions such as “How much money to do journalist make?” and “What was [Hernandez’s] first experience as an on-camera reporter.” Later, students heard from the KPRC cameraman about his experiences working in the industry since 1985 and took a closer look at his 25-pound video camera.