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Opt in to receive text alerts from Humble ISD

opt in
Humble ISD parents and guardians who want to receive text alerts from school in 2015-2016 must opt in by texting YES to 68453. In previous years, text messages were sent to all parents but opting in is now required due to an FCC regulation.


Text alerts keep parents informed of safety matters and major announcements. To be eligible to receive alerts, you must be listed as parent or guardian with your mobile number on file in Home Access Center (HAC). When you opt in, the SchoolMessenger notification system will recognize your mobile number and add you to the list for text alerts from your children’s schools.


Schools also share information through email, campus websites, and push notifications to the Humble ISD Mobile App.


To Participate:

1.Ensure your mobile number is on file in Home Access Center (HAC).
2.Text YES from your mobile device(s) to 68453.
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