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Fall Creek raised $2,054.30 for Ugandan cow fundraiser

Fall Creek Elementary students help children in need across the globe by creating a service-learning committee to raise $2,054.30 to purchase milk cows for children in Uganda.

FCE Coins for Cows


The FCE fifth-grade class raised the most money in the Coins for Cows competition at more than $800 for Calvary Junior Academy in Uganda. The donations purchased two Friesian female cows, Faith and Hope. Emily Smith’s fifth grade class had the honor of naming the cows because they collected the most money.  The objective is to breed the cows and milk them to decrease the malnutrition among Ugandan children. The FCE donations covered the costs of the cows’ shots and immunizations, transportation from Mbarara, clearing the land and preparatory work for the cow pasture, food, the Fall Creek Corral and instructions for the Calvary staff and children about caring for the cow.

Karter Dutton, FCE fifth-grader, said, “Doing community service and helping other people made me realize that I’m very blessed and want to give back to others the opportunity to be strong and healthy.”

Since 2013, FCE students have written to their Ugandan pen pals, aged second to eighth grade. However, the Coins for Cows project took place from January to April.  According to Isabella Atwood, FCE fifth-grader, the FCE Student Council organized the fundraiser; but that everyone in the school donated for the Coins for Cows. Atwood said her favorite thing was seeing the outcome and how happy and appreciative the Ugandan children were to have the cows.

Peyton McLain, FCE fifth-grader, said, “I learned more common sense and context clues to figure out the Ugandan kids’ English writing.” McLain said. “Also, we’re so different but we’re very alike and we’re all human. We’ve got feelings and they have somebody in the world, like we do, who loves us.”

FCE Principal and fifth-graders    FCE Cows Faith and Hope

Photographed from left to right:

The Fall Creek Elementary fifth-grade class raised $2,054.30 for their Coins for Cows competition to purchase milk cows for children in Uganda. Pictured from front left are Samantha Simpson, Brianna Mims, Brady Patton, Tanner Sherwood. From middle left are Kohl Marzetta, Brianne Cooper, Isabella Atwood costumed as cow, and Ryan Machado. From back left are Tatiana Andrade, Emma Karp, Taylor Washington, Demetria Bolden, and Karter Dutton.

Fall Creek Elementary fifth-graders Peyton McLain and Karter Dutton contributed to the Coins for Cows fundraiser with Principal Yvonne Stroud.

Fall Creek Elementary donated cows, Faith and Hope, reside in the new Fall Creek Corral in Mbarara, Uganda.