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Dr. Sconzo honored during 2015 EcoBot Challenge

Dr. Sconzo was recognized in May 2015 during the All-Earth Ecobot Challenge opening ceremonies for his continued support of the program.
"EcoBots has proven to be a very relevant and enhancing experience for our kids as it relates to core academic skills we are trying to develop,” Dr. Sconzo said.
On average, Humble ISD has provided 140 teams each year since 2009. The All-Earth Ecobot Challenge is an innovative engineering competition that engages fifth though eighth grade students in complex problem-solving, while developing critical thinking skills and elevating their confidence in formulating solutions to real-world missions.

2015 EcoBot Challenge
Above: Dr. Sconzo poses with Willow Creek Elementary's EcoBot Team and 5th grade teacher Oliver Durkan.