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Humble ISD students traveled to Dallas to participate in State Visual Arts Scholastic Event

State VASE Participants
Friday, April 24, 13 high school visual art students and 5 of our high school colleagues traveled to Dallas to participate in State VASE on April 25. Those students had scored a 4 at our regional VASE event and their work was selected to advance to state for another round of assessment. The students whose work advanced included:

AHS Students: Terrence Bradford, Ashley Leon, Ana Solano, and Jazmine Wilkerson

HHS Student: Kaitlin Sutton

KHS Students: Becky Baker, Katherine Jennings, and Anna Pham

KPHS Students: Ashley Lewis, My Pham, Adrianna Taylor, and Andrea Velasque

SCHS Students: Miguel Cisneros and Minbio Yoo 

These students came home with many honors and several scholarships and a very memorable experience. State VASE hosts approximately 2000 students and their teachers from across the state. We are very proud of all of them and their teachers! I have attached a photo of the group from their trip.