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Kingwood High gets Good Sportsmanship Award

KHS good sportsmanship2014


On Jan. 28 the Touchdown Club of Houston hosted the 10th annual 2015 Comerica Bank Sportsmanship Luncheon. Schools were honored by being nominated for the Good Sportsmanship Award, with trophies presented by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. The awards were presented to winning schools for reflecting honor and fair play during the recent 2014 football season. In regards to this special presentation, Neal Farmer, the Executive Director of the Houston Touchdown Club commented, “I like to say that we are celebrating what is right with high school football with this luncheon.” 

Kingwood High School was chosen as the 6-A award winner for 2014, placing ahead of fourteen other 6-A high schools in the greater Houston area. This is a very special and unique award, as the finalists are selected by the Greater Houston, Texas Association of Sports Officials: Football Division. This means that it is the referees of the games that make this decision, and it’s based on several categories. 

After each football game, the game officials fill out rating cards on each school. The categories the officials are taking note of include:
1) actions of the team during each high school football game,
2) actions of the head coach,
3) actions of the support groups at the game, such as parents, band and pep squad,
4) respect for the American flag, and
5) a score based on the number of personal fouls and unsportsmanlike conduct fouls incurred during the game.

The school was presented with a large traveling trophy, a certificate for being nominated as a finalist, and a permanent plaque for the school.

Humble ISD Athletic Director Troy Kite said, “The award reflects Kingwood High School and our community. Coach Campbell has from day one implemented character education, and he instills that his kids will act with dignity and class in all their endeavors. The sportsmanship award for his program is affirmation of how Coach Campbell and KHS do things the right way! Whether on the field or the classroom or out in the community, he is teaching them how to act, how to respond, and more importantly how to learn how to grow into the young adults our community and society would be proud of. We are very proud of Coach Campbell and all of his staff as well. It really is a program award.”

KHS Principal Dr. Ted Landry is honored by the award, but is not surprised. “We are so proud of our football team, our support groups, and our fans. It’s a pleasure to be a part of such a great institution as Kingwood High School. The students bring an intense spirit to our pep rallies and then they all come together at the football games.”

One of the key components of school spirit at Kingwood football games is the band. 

“All of our spirit groups, from the cheerleaders and Fillies, to the student section and parents really get into our games,” says KHS Student Body President Jane Walton. “But the band really gets the crowd going and they really interact with what’s happening in the game.”

KHS Band Director Destry Balch sums up the attitude of the band, “We make a close connection to what is going on during the game on the field. There are certain 'keys' that we are watching for during the entire game. For example, when we are on offense vs. when we are on defense, special team plays, and even penalties, not just when we score. We support our team and our school at all times, especially at the end of a losing game. It is easy to support a team when the score is in their favor. However, all people, especially a football team, needs support and cheer and encouragement event when the score is against you. That is really what we all need in life. When life has you down you need the support of others.”

This award represents the whole of what makes Kingwood football games so special. This award is shared by the football team, coaches, band, cheerleaders, drill team, managers, Student Council, Sports Medicine, students, fans, parents, and our Navy JROTC Cadets and Color Guard.

Head Football Coach Barry Campbell really appreciates the support of the fans in the stands. “I get really focused on the game in front of me, and I’m always amazed whenever I turn around and see our crowd. They really play an important part of our games and the team really appreciates their support. This award is shared by the entire school.”