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A Seven-Year Promise Fulfilled

(Lakeland Elementary Class of 2015 with Humble High School Principal, Dr. Charles Ned, (2008 Lakeland Staff), Maurice Graves, Shannon Green, Sharon Lee, Catherina Riggle and Superintendent Dr. Guy Sconzo)

In 2008, 23 current high school seniors were in the 5th grade at Lakeland Elementary. Those 5th grade students are now about to graduate from Humble High School and venture off to the next step of their lives.
Former Lakeland Elementary 5th Grade teacher, Shannon Green, and former Lakeland Elementary principal Sharon Lee made a commitment to those students 7 years ago, that they would assist them with whatever they might need with to pursue a career or to attend college after high school. Many of those students will be the first in their families to attend college and some to even receive a high school diploma. Green who is currently the Lakeland Elementary librarian and Lee who is now the principal at River Pines Elementary followed through with their promise.

Seven years ago they planted the seed for those students to prepare for college or vocational training after high school. Now in the seniors last semester of high school, they were able to meet with their former principal and teachers to talk about what they have been up to since 5th grade and what their plans are after graduation.

Each of the students had the opportunity to discuss what they would like to do after graduation and former Lakeland staff members were present to listen to what the students’ needs are. The staff members are still dedicated to these students and are determined to help each of them succeed after graduation.