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Humble ISD Employees Support the Education Foundation

The Humble ISD Education Foundation annually asks employees to consider supporting the charity that supports them by enrolling in ongoing payroll deduction. The Humble ISD Education Foundation enjoys one of the most successful employee appeals of any district foundation in the state. Out of nearly 5,000 employees, over half support the Foundation with a gift of some sort. Many of our employees are extremely generous, showing us that educators really are some of the best people around!

Last year's employee appeal, employees throughout the district pledged over $250,000. This year they topped that and raised $310,000. Employee support at this level is an exciting reason to present to corporate, foundation and major donors about why they should support Humble ISD, when so many other districts compete for their resources. High employee giving shows that our employees are engaged with philanthropic work in the district and truly have a "do all that it takes" mentality when going the extra mile for our students.
Pictured above are Humble ISD Superintendent Guy Sconzo, Foundation Chair Brent Colescott, Foundation Vice Chair Jen Sitton, School Board Secretary Keith Lapeze, and Foundation Director Scott Brady.