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Kingwood Area Quilt Guild donates books to Humble ISD elementary schools

For more than a decade, the Kingwood Area Quilt Guild has shared their love of quilting with the District’s elementary students, donating books about the pastime to each of the campuses. Now housed in each of Humble ISD elementary libraries are more than a dozen books on quilting and the history of the craft.
“Donating and community outreach are part of our by-laws,” says Brenda Howard, Director of Community Outreach and Education, “but it’s so much more than that to us. We promote the education and history of quilting. It seems more and more these days that kids don’t know where things come from, if not from Walmart. We want to share the art and history.”
This year the Guild was able to donate three books: Seeing Symmetry by Loreen Leedy.

“This year I had a few criteria I wanted to meet,” Howard beamed, “as quilters we want to encourage skills that will help others to become or to at least understand the process of quilting.”

As Director of Education for Kingwood Area Quilt Guild and a former elementary teacher Howard's goal has been to get children and young adults to find a creative outlet that can not only be fun but is educational in a fun way.

The book Seeing Symmetry was a great pick because, "symmetry is a natural fit into the art of quilting. It also brings in math and design skills which are important in everyday life," explains Howard. 
For 37 years the Guild's goals have been to preserve the heritage of quilting, promote the knowledge and understanding of quilting and to provide opportunities for continuing education among those interested in the art of quilting.
The Kingwood Area Quilt Guild also sponsors scholarships for local high school students. Last year, they awarded three $1000 scholarships to Humble ISD students. The Guild also participates in community outreach during Jesse Jones Park’s Homestead Heritage and Pioneer Day and by donating quilts to local organizations such as the VA Hospital and The Door.