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Dual Language in Humble ISD

PFE SIP 2014

 Pine Forest Elementary Spanish Immersion Program students and teachers wearing their new Spanish Immersion t-shirts that read "Manten La Calma Y Habla Español," which translates to "Keep Calm and Speak Spanish."
As the world becomes ever more global, learning a second language becomes an invaluable asset, elevating students to a more competitive place in the global market. In Humble ISD, we begin developing those skills as early as kindergarten with dual-language programs for both native and non-native English speakers to gain proficiency in two languages.

“Our goal,” said Chandra Torres, Special Programs Coordinator, “is for students to reach a second-language proficiency by the end of elementary.”

The District offers three different programs to achieve that goal: One-Way Dual Language, offered at Humble, Lakeland, North Belt, Oak Forest, and Park Lakes Elementary schools; Two-Way Dual Language offered at Humble Elementary; and Spanish Immersion offered at Bear Branch and Pine Forest Elementary Schools. Each of the programs provide a unique experience tailored to student needs.

In the One-Way Dual Language program, K-5 English language learners build their English language proficiency as they study math, science, reading, writing and social studies. These classes are for non-native English speakers.

Much like the One-Way Dual Language program, the Two-Way Dual Language program is offered in K-5 and also provides content instruction in two languages. These classrooms are comprised of both native and non-native English speaking students with equal instruction time in both languages.

“The students spend half of their day in Spanish and the other half in English,” said Kelly Nunn, Dual Language facilitator at Humble Elementary. “This way, native Spanish-speaking students learn the content as they gain a proficiency in English, and English speakers gain exposure to Spanish that they wouldn’t have otherwise until middle or even high school.”

For parents of native English speakers seeking an intensive language program, Spanish Immersion, which begins in first grade, offers a full day of instruction in Spanish.

“As a teacher and a parent in the program,” said Jeanne Rudd, Pine Forest Elementary teacher, “I understand first-hand the benefits of Immersion. The immersion education has become recognized as an increasingly influential way of fostering intellectual ability in children, higher self-esteem, enhanced creative skills, better test scores, understanding and appreciation of other cultures.”

Regardless of where students begin, each of the programs prepares students with a common vision: success in school and beyond.

“These programs offer so many advantages,” said Torres. “Students graduate from fifth grade with academic proficiency in two languages. They have an opportunity to take advanced Spanish courses in middle and high school, and studies show they become better problem solvers. More importantly, these programs give them a foundation to become better global citizens.”

As with all student choice programs, Humble ISD Dual-Language programs are available to all eligible students in the District. To learn more and find the right program for your child, please contact Chandra Torres, Special Programs Coordinator, at 281.641.8337281.641.8337. 281.641