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Humble ISD gears up for Heartwalk

The Greater Lake Houston Heart Walk is TOMORROW! Campuses are gearing up for another successful event this year.
If you haven't signed up yet, there is still time to do so. It's FREE to walk and FREE to register! Visit the Heart Walk page to join a team or register.
Ready for Heart Walk  

Kingwood Middle School’s Heart Walk fundraisers: Nurse Mary Fischer, AP Secretary Frances Harris and RELA/ESL teacher, Gina Daigle. The Heart Walk has a special place at KMS because Principal Bob Atteberry is a heart transplant receiver. Mr. Attebury says: "Thank you for supporting me in my efforts to beat heart disease. My mother and my dad both passed from heart complications and I had sudden cardiac death at the age of 26. A tumor was found, removed and I lived with a defibrillator/pacemaker from 26 to age 41. At 41, my heart had weakened and I had a heart transplant. I am now 51 and am able to enjoy working full time, being with my 3 boys, and my wife Shelly. God has blessed me with much help from medical advancements. Thank you for supporting me in my goal of helping others in the future benefit like I have. God bless!"

 Heart Walk Shirt front
Heart Walk Shirt back  
Team ISC proudly wears their team's Heart Walk t-shirts! The Instruction Support Center is currently in the #1 spot for Humble ISD, with 24 team members and $9,949 in donations.