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Student Body Presidents welcome School Board & Superintendent

At the Sept. 9 School Board meeting, student body presidents of Atascocita, Humble, Kingwood, Kingwood Park and Summer Creek High School each welcomed the School Board and Superintendent to the new school year and presented them with school shirts.
What did they say?
"Thanks for all that you do for our students. We've seen you when you visit the schools and we appreciate your work for us."
"On behalf of our student body, we want to wish you all a great school year, and thanks for everything that you do for us."
"We've see you at our schools and at our events. We appreciate you taking the time to visit with us and for showing your support."
"We want to show our support for you as much as you do for us. If we can help you out in any way, please let us know."
"We were all talking out there before this meeting and the one thing we all have in common is that we've all seen you at our schools, football games, plays, concerts, school carnivals and all of our athletic events. Each school has shirts for you to wear this year, whether you're at our schools, the grocery store, or mowing the truly represent us all...all of the time."