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Humble ISD receives $48,062.66 through CenterPoint Energy partnership


CenterPoint Energy Partnership
Humble ISD received a check for $48,062.66 as part of CenterPoint Energy’s Commercial Load Management Program. Through this partnership, Humble ISD’s energy management department helps reduce energy consumption during peak summer months. This reduction helps CenterPoint Energy maintain consistent power and reduces the risk of brownouts and blackouts throughout the Humble area. Humble ISD has participated in this program four years, earning a total of $183,399.82. The money is used to fund future projects that help Humble ISD facilities run more efficiently and reduce overall energy costs. “This past year we were able to install water conservation devices at a high school to prevent unnecessary usage. This will save us more money in the long run,” said Humble ISD Energy Manager Melissa Crizer.
Pictured above are: Kenny Kendrick, Director of Maintenance and Operations; Dr. Roger Brown, Assistant Superintendent of Support Services; Melissa Crizer, Energy Manager; Calvin Burnham, CenterPoint Energy Staff Consulting Engineer; Keith Lapeze, Board of Trustees President; and Dr. Elizabeth Fagen, Superintendent of Schools.