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Humble ISD students on track to earn real estate license by graduation


Real Estate Class


At the beginning of the school year, Kingwood High School Career and Technology teacher Marla May started teaching Humble ISD’s first Real Estate Course. May turned her passion for real estate into an ideal opportunity for high school students to graduate with their Real Estate License.


The new district-wide Real Estate Course is open to all Humble ISD seniors. Currently May teaches two Real Estate classes with curriculum designed by Kaplan Professional Schools. Kaplan provides the pre-licensing courses that are required to become a real estate salesperson in the State of Texas.


The students will complete 180 credit hours required by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) and in order to receive credit, students must pass all online quizzes and exams. This course is unique becuase students are eligible to take the real estate exam once they turn 18, which might happen for some students before graduation. 


Humble ISD is the only school district to offer the Kaplan Real Estate Course to high school students in the nation. Real Estate, like the other Career Technology courses offered in Humble ISD give high school students a variety of career options to explore post-graduation.


Through Humble ISD, Kaplan Professional Schools offers the Real Estate course at a reduced price. The discount gives students a chance to save on expenses that would occur if they were to enroll in a real estate course outside of Humble ISD. Currently the class fee is $349.


“I think it’s great the district offers a real estate course now,” Kingwood High School senior Ethan Sloan said. “This course will give me and other students an opportunity to get an internship or job in the field straight out of high school.”


Some of the current Real Estate students are familiar with the process of buying and selling homes, a few real estate rules and regulations but some of what they are learning can only be taught by someone in the business.


“My family owns a remodeling business and I grew up watching how rewarding real estate could be,” Humble High School senior Hunter Valverde said. “Ms. May has proven that to be true, so far she has given us information that a book can’t teach us.”


Before teaching real estate May taught Cosmetology for 25 years and served as the head of the Humble ISD Cosmetology Department. Encouraged by her sister to pursue Real Estate and she fell in love with the ins and outs of the being an agent. May quickly realized the skills learned in real estate, similar to cosmetology, could be beneficial both in and out of the field.


“Teaching cosmetology all those years taught me students can learn a skill, master it and then graduate with those skills and start working,” May said. “I have several former students who have graduated with their cosmetology license and now have their own salons and are very successful. I know my real estate students can do the same thing.”


May is a licensed real estate agent with Red Door Realty & Associates in the Kingwood/Atascocita area. Red Door, RE/MAX and Keller Williams are just a few of the local agencies scheduled to speak to the Real Estate students.


“The best part about this class is learning from someone who is a real estate agent,” Kingwood High School senior Taylor Griswold said. “I’m looking forward to hearing more real-life examples from Ms. May and other local real estate agents.”


The students are working at their own speed but taking advantage of being able to move at a faster pace to get their license and start interning and making connections out in the field.


“I’m thankful that Humble ISD has given me the opportunity to lead this class,” May said. “Our district leaders have an open mind and I appreciate them allowing me to take an idea and run with it.”


May is happy to have the opportunity to think outside of the box in the Career Tech Ed field and she is excited to see the Real Estate program grow. By the end of the school year Humble ISD could possibly have 34 students graduating with a Real Estate license.


For more information about the Real Estate Course please email Marla May at or visit her class website.