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WHE students replace classmate's bike after accident by doing Chores for Grace


WHE Chores for Grace

In September, Woodland Hills Elementary fifth-grader Grace Cardenas was in a bike accident while riding her brand new bike home from school. Her fifth grade classmates wanted to know how they could help and Chores for Grace was created.

As a class project, Grace’s fifth grade classmates were encouraged to ask if they could do extra chores at home for money. Together they were able to earn over $200 to purchase Grace a new bike and helmet. Her classmates presented her with a new bike on her first day back at school since her accident. Grace hopes to be riding her new bike by January 1.

Channel 13 reporter Pooja Ladhia came out to WHE to share the kindness of Grace’s classmates and friends. The story aired October 24 during the 4 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. newscasts.