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DrumFIT comes to Humble ISD



DrumFit is a physical education experience involving a core stability ball and pair of drumsticks. Students use the sticks to drum on the ball while performing choreographed aerobic style routines matched to upbeat music the students love.


After watching a presentation about a new type of physical education experience called DrumFit, a group of Humble ISD elementary physical education teachers decided to write a grant to bring it to the district.


In fall of 2015 teachers were awarded a Humble ISD Innovative Education Foundation HEB grant to bring the program to the district. DrumFit will be making its way around the district this school year. This cross-curricular program will impact five elementary schools and over 3,500 students.


Oak Forest physical education teacher Janice Russo said, “It is very important for physical education teachers to find ways to keep students engaged in their learning by making activities fun while they are being active.”


Working almost every muscle in the body, students are exercising using their both their bodies and their brains. Constantly moving to the upbeat music students easily forget they are exercising.


Oak Forest Elementary, Maplebrook Elementary, Pine Forest Elementary, Lakeshore Elementary and Greentree Elementary will all have the opportunity to share the DrumFit equipment this school year.