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Summer Creek High School takes Rachel’s Challenge

SCHS Students Take Rachel's Challenge


Summer Creek High School ninth and 10th grade students were able to experience what Rachel Scott stood for before her life was tragically ended in the 1999 Columbine High School shooting.   


Rachel’s Challenge is the inspiring story of Rachel Scott whose example of kindness and acceptance was brought to light when she became the first victim of the Columbine High School tragedy.


In the fall of 2015 Summer Creek High School was awarded an H-E-B Innovative Education Foundation grant. With this grant Summer Creek High School administrators were able to bring Rachel’s Challenge to their school. Colleen Kirk, Rachel’s Challenge representative, told the students about Rachel’s life before her death. Rachel had dreams of having a positive impact on the world and now her story has been shared with over 22 million people.


“Ever since we heard Rachel’s father speak at a PTA Convention, we knew we had to bring this program to Humble ISD,” Marilyn Mann PTA Representative said. “Mr. Scott has dedicated his life to keeping Rachel’s dream alive by starting a chain reaction with one simple random act of kindness.”


The objective of Rachel’s Challenge is to create a safe and productive learning environment and to stimulate a change by actively involving the entire community of students, teachers and parents of Summer Creek High School.


After watching the video on Rachel, Summer Creek High School students were compelled to have a positive impact on others they interact with.


“Rachel’s story transformed my way of thinking,” Landon Watson Summer Creek High School junior said. Not only can I be more mindful of my actions but I can help other students in the process.”


During the presentation Summer Creek students were given five challenges.


  1. Look for the Best in Others
  2. Dream Big
  3. Choose Positive Influences
  4. Speak with Kindness
  5. Start your own Chain Reaction



“I feel that this is a wonderful opportunity for kids to know that they can make a difference in another person’s life,” Nolan Correa Summer Creek High School principal said. “Rachel’s Challenge will allow them to see what an impact words can have on others.”


At the end of each presentation Mr. Correa and Rachel’s Challenge Representative Colleen Kirk reiterated that it is never too late to show kindness to each other. During the lunch period students were given the opportunity to show their commitment to show kindness to their peers, by signing the Rachel’s Challenge banner. The banner will serve as a reminder that they have taken the challenge to spread kindness and positivity both in and out of the classroom.


After the ninth and 10th grade presentations a group of 100 students were brought together to watch the Rachel’s Challenge Presentation. This group was hand-picked by the Summer Creek counselors to participate in the Friends of Rachel Club. The students in the Friends of Rachel Club will partner with the No Place for Hate club and work together throughout the school year to change the culture and climate of the school. The campus hopes to start their chain reaction through the new club.


“I feel like now everyone will have the motivation to treat others the way that they would want to be treated,” Kaylie Lyle Summer Creek High School sophomore said. “Rachel’s story was very inspiring and this was a great assembly for the whole school.”


A community event was held later that evening, for parents and members of the community. Rachel’s Challenge returned in early October for the juniors and seniors of Summer Creek High School.


Rachel’s life is a powerful witness that a life committed to kindness could change the world.