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KHS in National Championship for Worlds School Debate


KHS Debate in National Championship


The East Texas District Team comprised of 3 students from Kingwood High School and 2 students from Northland Christian will be debating live at the national tournament for the National Championship in World Schools Debate! The East Texas District Team has made it to the top 2 of 173 teams so far in this journey. This all women team will debate New York City’s all male team. Debating on stage will be our 3 debaters from KHS; Emily Grantham, Colette Faulkner and Leila Saklou. You can view the live stream of the National Championship debate at 1 p.m. June 22 at The conversational debate is scheduled for 1 hour. The topic is “The House regrets the rise of global populism”, our team will be the proposition side.