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WMS Kickstart Kids earn purple belts at end of year ceremony




Woodcreek Middle School Kickstart Kids are kicking into the summer with their newly earned purple belts. Kickstart Kids is a non-profit organization founded by Chuck and Gena Norris that gives middle school students the opportunity to use martial arts as a tool for a more positive life.


The Kickstart students held their spring purple belt ceremony on May 24. The belt ceremony included a student performance, demo team performance and a very special congratulation from Kickstart Kids founders Chuck and Gena Norris. 120 students were promoted with their purple belt during the ceremony. The purple belt represents the changing sky of dawn and prepares students for the transition to an advanced student. 


The event started with a welcome from Woodcreek Middle School Kickstart Kids instructor Mark Beel and an acapella rendition of the National Anthem by Woodcreek Middle seventh-grader Laural Hawkins.  After an introduction of special guests, Chuck Norris offered a few words of encouragement to the students. He encouraged the students to continue to work towards their black belts and to never let fear keep them from finding their passions. 


In addition to the performances, students Kinzlye Petters and Karlie Tran shared how the Kickstart Kids program has changed their lives.


“Karate has made me more confident and allowed me to believe in myself,” Petters said. “Since I’ve joined karate my grades have improved and I have become more independent.”


Students like Tran, who is involved in multiple after school extracurricular activities, are appreciative for the opportunity to take karate during school hours.


“Karate has taught me many things,” Tran said. “It has taught me to respect and encourage my peers, discipline myself to practice, and to stay fit and healthy.


The Kickstart Kids program will continue to build character through karate in the 2017-2018 school year and the students will have the opportunity to participate in the Kickstart Kids summer programming the month of June. For more information please contact, Mark Beel,