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Humble ISD Celebrates Athletes Signing Letters of Intent


Spring Signing Day 2017
Humble ISD hosted an event on May 10 to celebrate athletes who signed letters of intent to participate in college athletics. Each year Humble ISD holds three National Letter of Intent signing days throughout the year: the second Wednesday of November, the first Wednesday of February, and the second Wednesday of April. This group of 56 athletes, the largest ever for Humble ISD, signed their letters of intent to their respective colleges on or after the April 12 National Signing Day.

The opportunity to participate in college athletics is not an accomplishment easily attained. Beyond working and training to hone their athletic gifts, athletes must also maintain their conduct and academics in order to entice universities to invest in them by granting them a valuable roster spot. “These athletes are elite. They have accomplished what many athletes only dream of,” said Troy Kite, Humble ISD Athletic Director.

So far this school year 105 Humble ISD athletes have signed letters of intent. Athletes may continue to commit to colleges for the 2017-2018 school year through August 1, 2017.

Athletes recognized are:  

Alex Caballero HHS Baseball Northeast Texas Community College
Tyrese Clayborne HHS Baseball Lamar University
Avery George HHS Baseball Lamar University
Avery Sheldon HHS Baseball Concordia University
AJ Irvin KHS Baseball Blinn Junior College
Jeremy Husband KPHS Baseball University of Saint Mary's
Peyton Lero KPHS Baseball Concordia University
Garrison Taska KPHS Baseball San Jacinto Junior College
Nene Brooks HHS Basketball Texas College
Kevin Dawson HHS Basketball Otero Junior College
Kiara Williams HHS Basketball Texas College
Brandon Burrell KHS Basketball Lubbock Christian University
Ethan Powell KPHS Basketball University of Colorado - Colorado Springs
Alanna Spencer SCHS Basketball Blinn Junior College
Hanna Luce AHS Beach Volleyball Texas A&M - Corpus Christi
Briana Bryant AHS Cheerleading University of North Texas
Elyse Santiago AHS Cheerleading University of Texas at Austin
Tate McMillian AHS Cross Country/Track & Field Texas A&M - Commerce
Patrick Swanson AHS Cross Country/Track & Field University of Saint Mary's
Alonzo Woods AHS Cross Country/Track & Field University of the Incarnate Word
Matthew Abrahams KHS Cross Country/Track & Field Texas A&M University
Sara Antrich KHS Cross Country/Track & Field Baylor University
George Cyboran KHS Cross Country/Track & Field Texas A&M University
Jeremy Rich KPHS Cross Country/Track & Field Stephen F. Austin
Dawud Shorts AHS Football East Texas Baptist University
Greg Kelley KHS Football Millsaps College
Justin Knighton KPHS Football Newberry College
Mark Sims SCHS Football Texas Lutheran University
Caleb Wilrich SCHS Football Avila University
Trae Martinez KPHS Golf York College
Caroline Downham HHS Lacrosse Robert Morris University
Jacob Tatum KHS Lacrosse Stevenson University
Jovany Andres Cortes AHS Soccer Salem International University
Thalia Delgado AHS Soccer Northeast Texas Community College
Harrison Foulkes AHS Soccer Angelina College
Dylan Leffert AHS Soccer Angelina College
Melvin Regalado AHS Soccer Salem International University
Esteban Avila HHS Soccer Pine Manor College
Caio Lira HHS Soccer Angelina College
Brianna Wallerich KHS Soccer Grandview University
Rodrigo Castillo KPHS Soccer Trinity University
Matthew Flaherty KPHS Soccer Angelina College
Gigi Grohn KPHS Soccer University of Texas - Tyler
Bryn Schlever KPHS Soccer Texas Lutheran University
Kabriana Bonner SCHS Soccer East Texas Baptist University
Jessica Husband KPHS Softball Angelina College
Brooke Johnson KHS Softball Oklahoma State University
Christian L'Italien KHS Swimming Saint Louis Univeristy
Kara Neel KHS Swimming University of the Incarnate Word
Joshua Umrysh KHS Swimming Missouri University of Science and Technology
Mario Foltz KPHS Swimming Southwestern University
Alejandra Shimel KPHS Swimming University of Kansas
Caleb Liles SCHS Swimming Southwestern University
Dionne Pierre SCHS Swimming Cisco Junior College
Shannon Faulkner AHS Volleyball North Central Texas College
Claeigh Miller SCHS Volleyball Tyler Junior College