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Humble ISD students named Scholastic Art regional winners




The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards provide students in grades 7-12 with the opportunity to showcase their work. The competition’s purpose is to bring outstanding visual art and writing created by the students to a national audience by showcasing the work and encouraging creativity and career development.


For more information about HCDE’s regional Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and opportunities to sponsor, judge and enter the competition, visit the Harris County Department of Education Scholastic Art & Writing Awards page.


The Regional Scholastic Writing Award recipients will be available on or before February 3, 2017. 


The Humble ISD 2017 Scholastic Art Awardees include:


Atascocita High School

Gabby Martinez, Art Painting – False Positive, Honorable Mention

Hayley Zorkic, Drawing and Illustration – In The Dark, Honorable Mention

Bailey Brooks, Painting – Rich, Silver Key


Humble High School

Hanlu Zhang, Sculpture – Back To The Nature, Gold Key


Kingwood High School

Anna Pham, Digital Art – Not Enough Indifference, Gold Key

Emma Putnam, Drawing and Illustration – Ashley, Silver Key


Kingwood Park High School

Sophia Boumiza, Drawing and Illustration – Beneth Bakery, Gold Key

Ariana Harding, Painting – Hunter Of The Night, Honorable Mention

Brandon Rosales, Drawing and Illustration – Colorful K, Honorable Mention

Elizabeth R. Scott, Painting – Someday You’ll Grow Up Big & Strong, Honorable Mention

Ethan Sopczak, Drawing and Illustration – Sacha, Honorable Mention

Ashley Villagomez, Mixed Media – Just A Memory, Honorable Mention

Jordan Adkins, Painting – It Will Come To You, This Love Of The Land, Silver Key

Olivia Cherry, Mixed Media – Learning To Love Me, Silver Key

Megan Goralczyk, Drawing and Illustration – No! He Did Not Potty On Me?, Silver Key

Haley Hampton, Painting – Radiant Glow, Silver Key

Pchloe Lockstedt, Mixed Media – Trippy, Silver Key


Riverwood Middle School

Savannah Moore, Painting – Windowshopping, Gold Key


Summer Creek High School

Leah Green, Drawing and Illustration – Veronica, Gold Key

Leah Green, Mixed Media – Ruby, Honorable Mention

Karen Jordan, Sculpture – Innocence, Gold Key

Abel Gutierrez, Drawing and Illustration – Radiance, Honorable Mention