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KPHS student receives honorary bus driver certificate





Pictured left to right: Scott Goddard, Assistant Special Needs Transportation Supervisor, Kingwood Park High School junior Kaylin (KK) Richardson, and Kingwood Park High School sophomore Morgan Morris. 


Kingwood Park High School junior Kaylin (KK) Richardson got the surprise of a lifetime when her Best Buddy, KPHS sophomore, Morgan Morris gifted her with a senior photo shoot at the Humble ISD Bus Barn.


In November, Morris decided she wanted to plan something special for her Best Buddy. Although Richardson’s verbal skills are limited, those close to her know buses are one of her favorite things.  


“Kaylin goes to sleep talking about buses and wakes up talking about buses,” mother of Kaylin, Christy Richardson said. “She’s been riding the bus to school since she was three years old and has an extensive collection of bus collectibles.”


After weeks of saving her allowance and Christmas money Morris was able to pay for local photographer Steve Brack, to take Richardson’s senior portraits. After securing the photographer Morris got in contact with the Humble ISD Assistant Special Needs Transportation Supervisor Scott Goddard. Both Brack and Goddard were happy to accommodate the senior photo shoot surprise.


Dressed in her school colors, Richardson was elated to be surrounded with so many buses. She was able to take her senior photos, hang out with Morris on a school bus, and the girls even got a chance to have a picnic on the bus. This was a big deal for Richardson because students are not allowed to eat on the bus. The icing on the cake was Richardson getting the opportunity to sit in the driver’s seat and push a few buttons.


Goddard was thrilled to be a part of the bus surprise and presented Richardson with special toy bus and a certificate naming her Honorary Bus Driver for the Day to commemorate her day at the Bus Barn.  Goddard also presented Morris with a certificate of recognition for her kindness and efforts in the Best Buddies program.  

“Kaylin’s friendship is a gift and I sincerely enjoy my time with her,” Morris said. “We have a very special bond and she brings out the best in me.”  


Morris wants other students to know that Best Buddies is more than just a club.  Being social and an advocate is only one aspect of the organization. It’s about being available, being engaged, loyalty, friendship, acceptance and inclusion.


“Kingwood Park does a great job of making our students feel included,” Christy Richardson said.  “The Best Buddies program goes above and beyond to make that happen and I am appreciative. “


For more information about getting involved in Best Buddies at Kingwood Park High School please contact Talya Bean at


*All photos in the photo gallery below were taken by photographer Steve Brack.