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Super Staffers sponsored by Community Resource Credit Union

Super Staffers-Jan 10 2017.jpg
Humble ISD’s Super Staffers of the Month were recognized at the regularly scheduled Board Meeting on January 10. Thanks to Gulf Coast Educators Credit Union for sponsoring this month's Super Staffers! Pictured from left are Community Resource Credit Union Representative  Britney Samperi, Transportation Payroll Specialist Traci Herrod, Fall Creek Elementary Literary ALT Kathy Jones, Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Fagen and School Board Vice President Angela Conrad.

Honored at the Board Meeting were the following Super Staffers:


Kathy Jones Fall Creek Elementary, Literacy Academic Lead Teacher

Those who nominated her said, "Kathy continuously finds new ways to support the learning of the RELA teachers. She has taught the teachers to plan with the end in mind. Planning begins by thinking about what our students will need to know at the end of the lesson or unit. Teachers ask, "What will the performance indicator look like?" "What kind of critical thinking or problem solving skills will our students need to be able to show that they understand the material?" Kathy finds ways to provide affective support for teachers as well. She is mindful of the group dynamics on each team and finds ways to make each member feel valued. She often provides more in-depth planning sessions for teachers who need a little more support. Kathy's expert guidance leads to more rigorous, relevant and engaging lessons and increased teacher and student success." 


Carla Brookshire — Community Learning Center, Mosaic Teacher

Those who nominated her said, "Carla has gone above and beyond to help a student find a job after he was struggling to gain employment. She worked with the student on job skills and with the transition team to find a site that would work for the student. She has also worked hard to help them meet their individualized transition goals. She supports students out in the community and continually embodies the mission of the MOSAIC program in preparing young adults for life after school." Note: Carla was out-of-state and unable to attend the Board Meeting.


Traci Herrod — Transportation, Payroll Specialist

Those who nominated her said, "Traci Herrod is our payroll specialist and a whole lot more. She has been with the District for 4.5 years and performed an amazing job. Each year she heads up our in service for all the Transportation staff that consist of two full days of intense training including first aid/CRP certification, terrorist training, student management, safety awareness, CPS training and a lot more. This in-service is a two days of rotating classes and she works with outside trainers, organizes and plans the event. She has made it a huge success, all while still performing her job with the payroll. Each day she works with the drivers to correct any payroll issues and is always cheerful and inspires each of us to stay positive and perform at peak efficiency." 



Each month, campuses and departments select an individual to be honored as a Super Staffer for their outstanding work in advancing student achievement. A drawing is held and three honorees receive additional recognition at the School Board Meeting, including a $200 gift card to Pappas Restaurants thanks to an award sponsor. The sponsor for the Super Staffer Awards this month is Gulf Coast Educators Credit Union.



Elementary Super Staffers:

Atascocita Springs Elementary School – Andrea Iwinski, 1st Grade Teacher
Bear Branch Elementary School – Joyce Boyd, Sped Para Educator
Elm Grove Elementary School – Anita McKeague, 3rd Grade Teacher
Fall Creek Elementary School – Kathy Jones, Literacy Academic Lead Teacher
Foster Elementary School – Hailey Smith, First Grade Teacher
Greentree Elementary School – John Lane, Custodian
Humble Elementary School – Cindy McElmurray, ISS Teacher
Jack Fields, Sr. Elementary School – Elizabeth Martinez, 5th Grade Bilingual Teacher
Lakeland Elementary School – Tammy Naquin, Registrar
Lakeshore Elementary School – Michael Plaia, 3rd Grade Teacher
Maplebrook Elementary School – Tracey Keller, Para Educator
Pine Forest Elementary School – Tiffany Halvorsen, Special Education Teacher
Shadow Forest Elementary School – Linda Meskill, 5th Grade Teacher


Secondary Super Staffers:

Community Learning Center – Carla Brookshire, Teacher
Kingwood Middle School – Marty Purcell, Math Strategies Teacher
Riverwood Middle School – Evan Farmer, Orchestra Director
Sterling Middle School – Mary Stowell, 8th Grade Assistant Principal Secretary
Summer Creek High School – Alan Prather, History Teacher
Woodland Hills Elementary School – Tiffany Sharman, Bookkeeper/Secretary


Support Super Staffers:

Maintenance – Carrie Bryant, Receptionist
Transportation – Traci Herrod, Payroll Specialist