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TMEA 33 Region Choir Students

TMEA 33 Region Choir Students

The pictures show students who earned a spot in the TMEA Region 33 choirs. The Mixed choir students continued to compete at the Pre-Area round held on Nov. 30. Three SCHS Choir students were selected to compete at Area. For more information about the SCHS Choir, go


TMEA Region 33 Mixed Choir Members & Pre-Area Participants

Isabel Alvarado 12

Anabel Avila 11

Mikah Goodwine 10

Gavin Haines 11

Hennesie Laureano 11

November Lee 11

Chloe Lewis 11

Kaylie Lyle 11

Steven Padua 12

Zachary Tubbs 12

TMEA Region 33 Treble Choir Members

Jaylan Campbell 11

Cne Doublin 10

Marisa Espitia 10

TMEA Region 33 Tenor-Bass Choir Member

Lukas Gomez 10

**On November 30, Isabel Alvarado (12), Mikah Goodwine (10), and Chloe Lewis (11) were selected to compete at Area, which is the final round of All-State Auditions, in January.


 Choir Director - Amanda Robison