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Campus Updates from Bond 2018

 Bond 2018

Bond 2018 funds are helping Riverwood Middle School become an even better place for students to learn and excel. 

Over the summer, Humble ISD completed updates to the RMS facility.  For air conditioning, three chillers were replaced while other components were cleaned.  New electronic controls were also installed for improved operation and efficiency. 

RMS New Chillers
Bond 2018 funded three new chillers at Riverwood Middle School.

"Keeping every room at a comfortable temperature is always a challenge in large buildings," Matthew Roser, Riverwood Middle School Principal, said. "Everyone is excited that the new air-conditioning system will provide a more comfortable learning environment for students and teachers."  

RMS AC Update New chillers and air conditioning controls were installed so that RMS has a more controlled and even temperature, making it more comfortable for students and staff. 


Bond funds were also used to remove an old water tower once used to regulate heating and cooling, and construct a new sidewalk for access to the track. Additionally, the RMS Band Hall will receive new shelving by October.

RMS Water Tower Removal  
An outdated water tower has been removed from the school grounds. This is where the water tower used to be located.

RMS New Sidewalk  
A new sidewalk was installed to provide easier access to the track.

RMS has additional improvement projects being funded by the district.  A new floor was installed in the band hall in August because of water damage to the previous floor. 

RMS New Band Hall Floor A new floor was installed after the previous one was damaged by flooding in May.