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Teacher of the Year



Congratulations to counselor, Lorrie Ogletree, on being selected as the MBE 2020-2021 Teacher of the Year! Nomination comments included the following:

Lorrie is so dedicated to nurturing all of the students. She is innovative, creative and seems to have endless energy and patience!   She goes above and beyond and does it with such grace and heart. She is very active with teachers and students in the classrooms on top of ARDS and any other meetings she has. Anytime a fire needs to be put out she is there!    She is always willing and happy to help teachers with students who need extra and/or specific help in the classroom. She is very knowledgeable and knows where and how to find the resources for those rare times she does not know the answer. My students love it when she comes into our class to teach them a lesson. We are very lucky to have her at MBE!!   She is amazing! From monthly character cafe' lunches to honor student character, to Trey and Lilly's leader of classroom visits to talk about the struggles and difficulties we all face and how to set SMART goals. She leads Watch Dog Dads, Super Hero groups, Stu-co and so much more. Not only do all of those programs directly touch the lives of our students but also members of our community. She is also a great support and leader when it comes to meeting staff needs.  Lorrie has the true heart of a counselor and advocates for all students. She has a passion to positively impact the social-emotional development of kids. She is a source of knowledge for teachers and works hard to ensure they are well equipped with the resources they need to address any behavioral concerns. Mrs. Ogletree is such an asset to our MBE family and she is so loved! With a heart of gold she is exceptional and well deserving of representing MBE as teacher of the year.