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Super Staffer of the Month - September


Congratulations to PreK teacher, Amanda Riley, on being selected as the Super Staffer of the Month for September. Nomination comments included the following:

Amanda is so loving to ALL kiddos and always has something really fun going on in her classroom, no matter the circumstances. She always has the sweetest smile and her kind heart shines through. She's a wonderful role model for other staff members and leads by example. Amanda keeps a smile on her face even during the most stressful moments with our littlest bears. She is always excited to see her students and she expresses sincere excitement and love that as they arrive each morning. Everyday is a new day for our little PK bears and she lets go of the stresses from the day before and loves her kiddos from the time they enter the building until the time they depart! Amanda is lovely inside and out and she is a blessing to MBE!