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UIL Concert & Sightreading Events

Concert & Competition Information

Includes information about:
  • UIL Clinics - week of February 27
  • Spring Concert - March 6 at 7:00 PM
  • UIL Contest basics - March 28-31





We're Hosting UIL! 
This is a great experience for students to develop their professionalism!  All students will receive extra credit and letter jacket points.  I have tried very hard to spread the bulk of the work among all the students so that I don't wear them out or have them miss too much class time.  Remember, in addition to these assignments, they will also need to keep track of when they are competing (see above). 

All students who are eligible based on the 2nd 9 weeks report card have been assigned a job to help host.

These are the items that are located in the Student UIL Host Information Google Drive Folder.

  1. Shift Assignments listed by Name
  2. Shift Details - gives specifics about each shift regarding classes missed, exaact times, and lunches, etc.
  3. Job Assignments- tells which group each student is assigned to and what their job is
  4. Detailed Student Job Instructions - thoroughly explains each job's responsibilities
  5. Contest Schedule - also lists groups and shift times
  6. Fine Arts Wing Map for Student Workers - map which shows traffic flow for running the contest and has door stations labeled
  7. Athletic Wing Map - Shows the official contest entrance and the guest student holding area
  8. Competition Information (added to this folder for your convenience)