•  ABCmouse.com
    Both ABCmouse.com and the ABCmouse iPad app are FREE to teachers and their students. It is quick and easy to set up your class at ABCmouse. This is a great research-based resource for young students (ages 2-7) to develop readiness and early skills in ELAR, Math, Science, Social Studies, Music, and more!
    Visit their website to read more. ( https://www.abcmouse.com/teachers )
    Use this link for the FREE ABCmouse account for your classroom. 
    Click on the video links lower on the page to get excited about ABCmouse for your class! 
     How to Get Started!
    1. Create your own account at https://www.abcmouse.com/teachers . (Must go HERE to get a FREE account.)
    2. Click Create Account in upper right of screen. Follow the onscreen instructions to create account. Be prepared to add your students at this time. You may type names one at a time or upload a .csv file. Also, add a fake demo student name so that you can use this student "account" to demonstrate to your students.
    3. You must login to your account the FIRST time only on each classroom computer or iPad. After that, your account will stay logged in each time anyone clicks to go to ABCmouse.com or the ABCmouse app. Students will select their name/avatar to begin. (Remember NOT to log out of ABCmouse or you will have to log each computer back in again. It will ask for a password to logout so that students can not do this by accident.)  
    Student Avatars
    4. Look around. See what is available for your students. Watch some of the videos on the ABCmouse YouTube channel.
    5. Select Teacher Settings to customize student levels if necessary.
    6. Watch your students have fun and learn!
    How to Set/Change the ABCmouse Levels for my Students 
     Changing Student Levels
    Changing Student Levelss  
    What ARE the ABCmouse Levels? 
    ABCmouse Levels  
    How to Find out more about the ABCmouse Curriculum: 
    ABCmouse Curriculum  
     How to Link Classes so ALL Accounts
    stay logged in on Lab Computers
    How to Link Classes