• ChatterPix Kids
     The Chatterpix Kids app is a great way for students to take pictures of their work and record their voice giving a short explanation.
  • Since a key element to ChatterPix Kids is making your photo talk, click to download a ChatterPix Talker Kit. This file has clipart with space for a mouth that can be printed and cut out to keep as a reusable kit. Before taking the picture, students can lay their work on the carpet, the desktop, construction paper or poster paper, then add their choice of "Talker" clip art. When ready, take the picture! Continue creating the project in ChatterPix Kids by drawing the mouth, recording the voice, and so on.
    Click to download the ChatterPix Talker Kit
    ChatterPix Kids Talker Kit  
    ChatterPix Ideas 
    Use ChatterPix to... :
    1.  summarize concepts.
    2.  make a 30 second book trailer. 
    3.  define vocabulary words. 
    4.  explain how a math problem was solved. 
    5.  read a word list. 
    6.  explain work. 
    7.  introduce anything.
    8.  create directions for a project and post on a website.
    9.  create a SHORT bio for any object of which you can take a picture, for example an igneous rock, a sprouting seed, a 3D shape manipulative, a printed picture of an historical figure, and so on. 
    10.  tell about yourself.