• Alternative Certification Information

    Humble ISD hires interns from many different Alternative Certification programs each year, the majority of which are enrolled in the programs listed below.

    Requirements for these programs include:

    • Meeting Attendance
    • Application
    • Interview
    • Fees of $2,500-$4,000
    • 2.5 GPA
    • Transcripts
    • TASP or THEA scores
    • References
    • Criminal Background Check
    • Fingerprinting

    In order to work for Humble ISD as an Alternative Certification intern, you must be accepted into a program and you must have taken and passed the appropriate TExES content test for your area of certification before you are hired.

    You will have to go to the State Board for Educator Certification web site and do the following:
    • Pay online for fingerprinting
    • Apply and pay online for a Probationary Certificate

    After your fingerprints are processed and your Alternative Certification program recommends you for the Probationary Certificate, SBEC will issue the certificate. The Probationary Certificate is good for one year from the date it is issued, during which time you will be working as a beginning teacher with full teacher pay. Your campus principal will assign a mentor to work with you during the year. You will be required to stay current with any of your Alternative Certification program requirements, take the appropriate PPR (Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities) test as soon as your program approves it, apply and pay for your Standard Certificate, and be recommended by your program for a Standard Certificate in order to be considered for employment the next year.

    A+ Texas Teachers
    Houston Community College System
    Lone Star College-Kingwood Continuing Education
    Lone Star College-North Harris
    Region 04 Educator Certification