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    Finance Project

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    E xplain your assignment.

    A nalyze possible sources to use
    Part 1  Career Interest Survey

    Part 2 
    Living Expense (in Houston)

    Find a home/apartment      house                                      Interest Ratescar
    Houston Area Realtors                                                                     Current Interest Rates on homes & cars
    Part 3 Transportation
    Part 4 Education
    Part 5 Taxes
    1040 EZ Form
    Fill in and print form.

    G o get your information. 

    • Notetaking organizers developed by you or your teacher can be very helpful.
    • Outlines can be created quickly and easily in a word processing program. Include your notes under the appropriate subtopics.
    • Library Source Forms can be useful because they show you what types of information you need for various sources, the correct MLA format, as well as an example.



    L earn to paraphrase, summarize, quote and accurately cite all researched information.

    • Lessons in the classroom will help you understand the difference between paraphrasing, summarizing and quoting information.
    • Be sure you understand plagiarism so that it can be avoided!
    • Record all bibliographic information as you take notes.
      • Be ready to cite your information accurately according to MLA format


    E stablish your notes and create a first draft and any other documentation your project requires.
    • Did you find enough information?
    • Check to make sure your information is relevant as well as reliable.
      • Have you used books and online information from library databases?
    • Do you feel confident that you have evaluated information found on the Internet correctly? If not, please ask for help!
      • Keep the purpose of your research and your audience in mind as you present your information

    S ize it up!
    • Did I evaluate the quality of my information?
      • Is it reliable and documented correctly?
    • Have I considered my audience?
      • Are my ideas presented in a logical progression?
      • Is my point of view clearly stated?
      • Did I use MLA format, parenthetical documentation, and include a Works Cited page?
    • Go for the A!