• Music at Bear Branch

     Lots of exciting things are happening in the music room!

    Kinder - We're starting to play more instruments now that we can show self-control.

    1st - We have a program in May all about bedtime. It's called "Pajama Party"! Yes..they will get to wear pajamas!

    2nd - Can you keep a beat with a tennis ball? How long can you keep it going?

    3rd - Our program, Squirm, is right around the corner! Check out the "Third Grade Program" for more information.

    4th - RECORDERS ARE COMING! Go buy ear plugs now. You've been warned.

    5th - If your child is suddenly asking you to buy them a ukulele, I apologize, but yay! 

    Hillary Barnes
    Music Specialist
    (281) 641-1671
    Room 112/114
     Mrs. Barnes Family Photo
     Daily Schedule:
    8:00 - 8:50    5th Grade
    8:55 - 9:45    4th Grade
    9:55 - 10:45  3rd Grade
    10:50 - 12:05 Lunch/Conference
    12:10 - 1:00   Kinder
    1:05 - 1:55    1st Grade
    2:00 - 2:40    2nd Grade

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