General Counsel

    The Humble I.S.D. General Counsel's office advises the Board of Trustees, Superintendent, and School District personnel on matters involving legal issues, employee contract administration, vendor contract administration, student issues, grievances and complaints, and personnel matters.

    The General Counsel's Office is designated by Board policy to oversee all complaints including but not limited to Employee (DGBA), General Public (GF) and Parent/Student (FNG).  Complaint forms are attached as (EXHIBITS) to each corresponding policy under the School Board/Board Policy section of the District website.  If you cannot locate the appropriate form, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist.  All complaint forms provide instruction as to how to file a complaint. 
    The General Counsel's Office also provides guidance on subpoenas and requests for records.  We encourage attorneys offices to contact us to coordinate any request for records from any campus within the Humble ISD.  Except in criminal cases, the District does require that a summons or subpoena be delivered in person to the appropriate custodian of records, not via email or fax, and must be accompanied by a witness fee.  All non work-related subpoenas should be served off District property.  We request that all attorneys work through our office before contacting a campus directly.   
    Campus personnel will pass their issues through their principals and then through their vertical team leaders.  Administrative personnel will pass their issues through their department head. 
    All presentation material presented within our pages are for internal use only.
    For detailed information on Humble I.S.D. policies, procedures, and forms: 

Contact Us

  • Stephanie Maher
    General Counsel  
    Morgan B. Morrow
    Assistant General Counsel 
    (Contracts, Open Records Requests)
    Peggy Astor
    Legal Services Specialist
    (Discipline Appeals/Expulsions, Grievances: Parent/Student (FNG), Employee (DGBA), General Public(GF))
    Norma Gomez
    Legal Services Specialist
    (Subpoenas, Legal Custody Documents)

    Phone: 281.641.1000
    Fax: 281.641.1056