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    Read Nation Reading Contest Winners
    ****Please note: Adrienne R. won the Overall 4th Grader for the entire contest!!!***
    Breaking News

    1st Place: Samrithi Ponnam in Ms. Dougherty’s Class

    2nd Place:  Abbie Salazar in Ms. Dougherty’s Class

    1st Grade

    1st Place: Victoria Essaka in Ms. Rupertus’ Class

    2nd Place: Grayson Autrey in Ms. Rupertus’ Class

    3rd Grade
    1st Place: Kiana Patel in Ms. Sheridan’s Class

    2nd Place: Peyton Olivia in Ms. Sheridan’s Class

    4th Grade

    1st Place: Adrienne Rivera in Ms. Cowan/Ms. Inlow’s Class

    2nd Place: Chloe Rodriguez in Ms. Cowan/Ms. Inlow’s Class

    5th Grade

    1st Place: Andre Concepcion in Ms. Grimes’ Class


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