• 2018-2019 6th-8th Grade Gifted & Talented (G/T) Referral/Testing Process

    August 20-September 21

    • Parent and /or teacher may refer a student for G/T testing for grades 6th-8th.
    • After a student is referred, parents will receive a parent permission form and the Home Scales for Identifying Gifted Students (SIGS). Both will need to be completed and signed prior to assessment.
    • Teachers will complete the School Scales for Identifying Gifted Students.


    September 24-October 25

    • Students will complete the CogAt ability assessment (verbal, nonverbal, quantitative) and the IOWA Achievement Assessment (Math, Reading and Written Expression).
    • Each assessment is on average 45 minutes to an hour. Your child will be pulled from class to take these 6 assessments.  Your child is responsible for making up any classwork or assignments he/she may miss out on due to testing. 


    February 1, 2019

    • HMS G/T Building Selection committee will convene, review and determine student placement based on the preponderance of evidence (SIGS, CogAT and IOWA).
    • Each student’s parent will receive a letter indicating either qualified for G/T or not qualified for G/T. You may request copies of your child’s CogAT and IOWA profile sheets.


    August 2019

    • G/T Services will begin for 6th-8th grade students, who qualified. 

    Maestras y padres de estudiantes en grados 6-8 podran referir alumnos a la Programa para Dotados y Talentosos desde el 9 de septiembre hasta el 20 de octubre de 2017.  Por favor de llamar a la senora Solis al number 281-641-4089 or manda un correo electronico a ssolis@humbleisd.net con el nombre y grado del estudiante.