• Photo Gallery - Supernovae Remnants

    Supernovae Remnants are what you have left (visually) after a star explodes as a supernova.

    These pictures were taken by volunteer astronomers at the Insperity Observatory in Humble ISD.

    M1: The Crab Nebula

    The Crab Nebula:

    Photos taken by Dave Tomlin in early 2014.

    This very distinctive debris cloud is all that is left of a supernova explosion in our galaxy on July 4, 1054. It is located in near the horn stars of Taurus the bull. It was so bright that is was observable for 23 days during the daytime. IT was visible to the ancient Chinese astronomers for up to 653 days.
    This picture is a stack of images taken through an H-alpha filter.

    The Crab Nebula

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