• Photo Gallery - Dark Nebulae

    Dark Nebulae (pronounced neb-ue-lee), are everywhere in the arms of the spiral galaxies, but they are somewhat elusive objects. Imagine that you are looking for something that is not there. Dark Nebulae are clouds of dust and gas that are so dense that light does not pass through them; they are dark. They are brethren to the bright nebulae.

    These pictures were taken by volunteer astronomers at the Insperity Observatory in Humble ISD.

    The Horsehead Nebula

    The Horsehead Nebula:

    Photos taken by Dave Tomlin in late 2013.

    This very distinctive dust cloud resembles the knight on a chessboard. It is located in the bright nebula called the Flame Nebula near Orion's Belt.
    This picture is a stack of images taken through red, green, blue, luminance, and H-alpha filters.

    The Horsehead Nebula

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