The Great 8: Skills for Daily Life



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The Great 8: Skills for Daily Life

The Guidance Curriculum in Humble ISD provides all students with the knowledge and skills appropriate for their developmental level through systematic delivery of the guidance curriculum in classrooms and/or small groups. 

In order to promote and enhance the learning program and in accordance with Texas and national standards, the guidance curriculum addresses the areas of personal/social, academic, and career development. 

Humble ISD counselors teach The Great 8: Skills for Daily Life using the Why Try program as the foundation of the guidance curriculum. From the information and knowledge acquired through the awareness phase, students develop the skills to identify the responsibilities and behaviors appropriate to functioning effectively in each of the environments. 

 Here is what your child will be learning during guidance lessons this school year:  

 The Great 8: Skills for Daily Life 


Optimistic Thinking- A student's attitude of confidence, hopefulness, and positive thinking. 

Self-Management-  A student's success in controlling his/her emotions and behaviors, especially in new and challenging situations 

Relationship Skills- A student's skill at promotion and maintaining positive connections with others. 

Goal-Directed Behavior - A student's initiation of, and persistence in completing, difficult tasks. 

 The following skills will be implemented during the 2018-2019 School Year 

 Decision Making -Students will learn how to problem-solve, learn from their experiences, and use values to guide their behavior and accept responsibility 

 Personal Responsibility-Students will learn the importance of being reliable in his/her actions and to contribute to group efforts 

 Self Awareness- Students will understand his/her strengths and limitations, and gain consistent desire for self-improvement 

 Social Awareness- Students will learn how to interact with others in ways that show respect, tolerance, and cooperation.