If you paid for a 2020 yearbook but have not received it, do not pay again. Please contact Ms. Cox to arrange pickup. Her email is stephanie.cox@humbleisd.net. She will need your student's name and grade level for 2020 to check her payment records.


    2021 yearbooks (this year's) are on sale only at balfour.com. They cannot be purchased on campus for cash payment. All students must pre-order theirs online. They are $45 and only on sale online until April 30 at midnight (12 am). We cannot guarantee that any yearbooks will be for sale at all after May 1. Students/parents interested in the 2021 yearbook will need to ensure they pay online at www.balfour.com before the deadline to get their copy. 


    If you have questions, please email Ms. Cox. Her email is stephanie.cox@humbleisd.net.