• Autumn Ridge 2023 Yearbooks

    Yearbooks are now available for sale on www.balfour.com! They are only $35 for the month of August. Beginning September 1, they will be $40. 

    Student ads and shoutouts are also for sale on www.balfour.com and are on a first come, first serve basis. All ads and shoutouts must be purchased by December 31 and designed by February 1, 2023. 


    Why should I buy a yearbook at the beginning of the year?

    We order a pre-determined number of yearbooks from Balfour. The only time we can adjust this number and possibly order more yearbooks is in February 2023. Once that deadline passes, there is no chance to increase the number of yearbooks that we ordered. If you order by February, you are guaranteed to have a yearbook reserved for your student. If you wait until the end of the school year, there is a chance that we may be sold out and cannot reorder any more yearbooks. 

    The second reason is that the yearbook staff tries to capture pictures of the students who have purchased. We try to capture pictures of as many students as we can. But we focus on getting pictures or surveys from the students who are buying one. So you have a better chance of being in the yearbook if you buy before the time our yearbook is completely designed in March. 

    Will there be a waiting list if the yearbooks do sell out? 

    No, there is no waiting list. If we sell out of yearbooks and students/parents still want one, they will be responsible for finding someone who is willing to sell their copy and making the transaction. The yearbook staff and the adviser are not part of or responsible for any of these transactions. 

    I did not buy a yearbook and now they have sold out. Can we order more from Balfour so my student can have one?

    Unfortunately, because of the time it takes to print the yearbooks and the cost involved, this is not possible. We will not be placing another order for yearbooks until next year. 

    Will you have extras to sell and when will those be available for purchase? 

    We will not know until the books arrive on campus in May if we will have any extra books to sell. If we have extras, some of them may be slightly damaged. If so, they will be sold for a reduced cost. All extra yearbooks, if we have any to sell, will be sold on Revtrak. There will be an email and/or text sent from the campus about the sale. 

    How will students pick up their yearbooks? 

    There will be an announcement made on campus for students to pick up their yearbooks.

    If students fail to pick up their yearbook by the end of the school year, it will be sold to another student beginning in August of the following year and no refund will be offered. If students move during the school year, we will make every attempt to contact them for a current address and get their book to them. 

    What are the student ads? How much do they cost? What is it for?

    Ads for your student(s) can be purchased and designed on Balfour's website. They are first come, first serve. Once we run out of space, the Ads section will close. All ads must be purchased by December 31, 2022 and must be completely designed by February 1, 2023. 

    Ads are typically bought by parents of 8th grade students. It is a space for parents to use pictures of their student(s) and recognize them for any achievements they have made. However, any parent of an ARMS student, regardless of the grade level, can buy an ad of any size. 

    Ads come in sizes ranging from 1/8 of a page to a full page. Please check the Balfour store for prices. 

    You can find the ads by visiting www.balfour.com, searching for Autumn Ridge Middle School (where it asks for your school's name at the top of the page) and entering the information for your student. Once you have done this, on the left hand side, there is a tab that says Yearbook Ads and Products. Click this to see the sizes of the ads. If this information is blank or missing, the ad space may be entirely sold out. You can email Ms. Cox at stephanie.cox@humbleisd.net to check or ask for help with the website. 

    Shoutouts are new this year. They are text only (no images) and must be less than 250 characters. But they are only $10. They are available for purchase on www.balfour.com. 

    What are nameplates? When can I order these?

    Nameplates are a silver or gold plate that is engraved with your student's name and any icons you choose. They come separately from the yearbooks and they have a sticky strip on the back so students can place them on the front cover of their book. They are available on the Balfour website under accessories. The plate with your student's name is $6 and each icon is another $5. 

    Nameplates must be ordered by February 1, 2023 for the 2022-2023 school year. After this, the option will be removed from the Balfour store.