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    What is an Annual Fund?

    The Humble ISD Vision is for students to demonstrate leadership, creativity & innovation, critical thinking, communication skills, and personal responsibility – along with content mastery – within the global landscape.  The AMS Annual Fund aims to maximize fundraising outcomes in order to financially support innovative instructional practices & student experiences that go beyond the general budget. 

    Why should I give to the Annual Fund?

    1. 100% of funds donated will go back to AMS!

    2. The Annual Fund is a “one-time ask” – no fundraisers or “selling stuff” during the year

    1. Gifts can be a one-time or monthly donation to the Instructional Vision, Arts, or Athletics - you have a choice!

    2. AMS launches a new vision in Fall 2018!

    Why does AMS do an Annual Fund?

    #1: As an investor, would you prefer a 37% return or a 100% return?  AMS prefers a 100% return on your time and financial giving.  In years past the candy fundraiser earned AMS about 30 - 40% return (~$37,000 in candy bars sold, ~$13,000 in funds for AMS).  The Annual Fund earns a 100% return to the campus!

    #2: Reduce donor fatigue! Our goal is that AMS has a(n) "one ask" fundraiser among the school, PTA, and Booster Club.  You have a choice.  Your gift can be distributed to one or more of the following: the Instructional Vision, Band, Orchestra, Theater, Choir, or Athletics.

    #3: Gifts can be given as a one-time or monthly donation. Using the online giving page you can decide to give a donation as a one-time gift or spread out monthly (or even weekly).

    Thanks to many generous donors the gifts received the previous years are:

    2013 - 2014: $28,885

    2104 - 2015: $28,500

    2015 - 2016: $28,062

    2016 - 2017: $20,849 

    How do I give to the Annual Fund?

    I'm ready to make a gift online TODAY! 

    Yes, I will give, but not now! "Yes, but not now"

    Please take a moment to view past and present brochures and communication to parents in the links on the left column.
    ANNUAL FUND VIDEO, 2016 - 2017 [Will open the video in YouTube.com] 
    ASPIRE VIDEO, 2014 - 2015 

    One Grateful Principal,
    Karl Koehler